Every department and every ministry of SunWest exists to help us grow in our “authentic lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ. 

CHILDREN's ministry

At SunWest we care about "guiding all children to know and love Jesus". Our desire is that children from Newborn to Grade 5 will discover a safe and fun community where they can explore, discover and learn more about Jesus and His love for them. 

Please feel free to contact us at 403-254-2823 or email.


(Jr. & SR. High)

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SunWest Youth Ministries [SWYM] exists to connect students to the unconditional love found only in a relationship with Jesus. 

We believe that there are four main experiences that we must pay attention to in order to help students grow. These core values are having fun, connecting with friends, being mentored and getting to know Jesus. 

For more information about Youth Ministries, contact Pastor Colton.

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Since 1998, SunWest has been partnering with Amor Ministries, and taking our Grade 9 - 12 students to Mexico to build homes for those in need.  This has been a highlight of  Youth Ministries to see houses built, community created and lives transformed! 

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For additional information, please  email the Mexico Team.

young adults

SunWest has a dynamic community of Young Adults, ranging roughly from high school grads and college and university students to young professionals in their twenties.   For more information on how you can get connected, contact Pastor Randall.

The depth of our young adult community comes partly through social interaction and a sense of community… but there is also a level of intentional mentoring.  To learn more about mentoring young adults, please contact us.

worship & Arts

SunWest is a community of faith who seek to passionately respond to the revelation of who God is and all He has done.

We seek to proclaim, exalt and glorify Jesus Christ using many different expressions of worship and ask the Holy Spirit to lead us as we continually learn what it means to become worshippers of God. 

For more info or to get involved please contact us.


Many men are looking for friendships that are fun, life-giving, and authentic.  If you would like to intentionally connect with other guys to be encouraged in your life and faith we have events such as our monthly mens breakfasts and annual retreat that help facilitate such relationships.  There are other groups available such as prayer groups, fishing groups, or guys simply going to see some action flicks together.  

Please contact us if you would like to get connected in anyway.


Through connection events, teaching and prayer times, Bible study groups, weekend retreats and intentional mentoring, the women's ministry team desires to see the women of SunWest grow to be women that love and serve the body of Christ and their community.  

For more information, please contact the Ministry Centre.


At SunWest we believe that life change happens best in authentic community.  Whether you are meeting in a home, fishing, running, or eating together, these communities help us grow in our character and faith in a way that we cannot grow by simply attending a weekend service.  We were created by God to with a desire to know others and to be known.  If you are looking to get connected in community let us know and we will help you find a homegroup or interest group that fits your schedule and life stage

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Sozo prayer

SunWest embraces a culture of mutual respect, encouragement and care. Sozo Prayer Ministry is a unique ministry aimed at getting to the root of issues hindering our personal connection with the Father, Son and Spirit. With a healed connection, we can walk fully in who God has called us to be.  Using tools of listening, prayer, encouragement and the healing presence of the Holy Spirit, a loving and carefully trained team are here to pray for you and facilitate all of us moving closer to our calling and destiny. If you’ve never experienced Sozo, we know that it will be an encouragement to you.   





SunWest Missions' primary purpose is to present Jesus Christ to the world in the fulfillment of the great commission. It includes any ministry that reaches outside the body of SunWest to our community, our country and our world. This includes church planting, leadership development and helping the poor. 

SunWest teams have participated in mission work in Canada, Thailand, Dominican Republic, El Salvador and Mozambique. Our youth teams have seen over 100 houses built over SunWest’s 20 years, helping families less fortunate than ourselves.  We have sent out and support missionaries in Alberta, Quebec, Manitoba, China, Thailand, Dominican Republic, Germany and El Salvador.  We anticipate new opportunities in the very near future for church planting around the world

Serve Day is an annual, one day event for SunWest and other churches in South Calgary to gather across the city to provide practical assistance to neighbours, organizations and communities in need.  We would love to have you join us! 

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